We don’t just buy and sell businesses North East,
we can help them to grow too!

When it comes to our services there really is no end to the different ways we can help you, but we’ll try to narrow it down a little! If you’re wondering if we could help you in your unique situation then please do get in touch. We can most likely help, and in the unlikely event that we can’t we’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

We buy and sell businesses North East, but we do so much more than that too! Here are just a few of the areas in which we could help you. If the area in which you would like help is not listed below please do get in touch, we can probably still help you!

Working with and helping businesses in the North East

Our Business Consultants & Mentors have a minimum of 25 years industry experience on a global level

We can help businesses access funding for growth, expansion or trading



Improving EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes,

depreciation, and amortization)

Launching a new product or service

Increasing enterprise value

Relocating your business

Finding investors

Preparing business for sale (now or in the future)

Mergers and acquisitions / buying another business

Management buy in


Urgent financial issues



Improving efficiency/productivity

HR issues

Staff retention

Staff training

Your own personal development as owner/director/CEO

Legal issues of any sort

Accounting or tax planning/maximising allowances

Improving technology

Minimising risk/liability

As the owner of a business, or the as the person in charge of a business, you are in a unique situation. You have the opportunity to guide the business towards success, but you also have the added weight of responsibility for the jobs of your colleagues and employees.

At The Exit Co we appreciate that when you’re at the top you can be pulled in all directions. You can count on us to see things clearly at all times. We are on your side. In whatever way you need us we are there, to help you grow, to help you sell, to help you!

So yes, we buy and sell businesses North East, but we also have the talent, network, skills and experience to do so much more.

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