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When North East businesses grow, North East jobs are created. When North East businesses are resilient, North East jobs are more secure.

People in secure jobs spend more money in the local economy. More money spent in the local economy benefits even more North East businesses and it becomes a virtuous circle!

The last 2 years has seen an unprecedented set of challenges being presented to businesses in the North East of England. Some businesses have survived, some have thrived, and sadly some businesses didn’t make it.

At Build Back Better North East, we don’t want to help the North East get back to normal, we want to help it get back to better than normal!

Build Back Better North East exists to help North East businesses of all shapes and sizes to grow and develop, to create new jobs, and help those jobs to become as secure as possible. We want to see a business landscape full of thriving business across all sectors to help the North East become the powerhouse we all know it could be.

What we do

We provide funding for business consulting services to help North East businesses grow and prosper. Every business faces its own unique set of challenges, for this reason we fund specialist consulting services across a wide range of disciplines.

There are many different pathways to business growth and it’s our mission to show businesses the best route to success. Whether it’s cashflow, scaling up or redesigning your marketing strategy, Build Back Better North East exists to help you break down those barriers and build a better, stronger business. Together, we can build a better, stronger North East.

Where we come from

Build Back Better North East was created by a collective of North East entrepreneurs and philanthropists who want to see the North East region thrive.

Together they have provided the resources and 500 hours worth of funding for business consulting services during the first wave of the Scheme.

Who is eligable

Any business headquartered in the North East of England, from self-employed individuals up to large limited companies, could be eligible for at least one hour of funding for business consulting. If your business requires support across a range of disciplines you may qualify for more than one hour of consulting services.

These funded services are often highly strategic in nature and as such are only available to the owner/shareholders, CEO, COO or Managing Director of a business.

How is the Scheme delivered

All funding for business consulting is provided via The Exit Co who are delivering the Scheme on behalf of Build Back Better North East. Due to the nature of their core business The Exit Co work with a network of partners to deliver almost any service a business could require, enabling beneficiaries of the Scheme to easily access the knowledge and expertise they need to help their business grow.

After an initial screening questionnaire, The Exit Co will send one or more of their experienced mentor co-ordinators to meet with you. They will assess where your business is now, find out where you want to be, and create a proposal to help you get there as quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively as possible.

To find out if your business is eligible to receive funding for business consulting under the Build Back Better North East Scheme please get in touch today via the contact form.

Build Back Better North East – building a better North East one business at a time.

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