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Has the thought ‘If I were to sell my business North East, how much would it be worth’ has ever crossed your mind then why don’t you find out for free?

At the Exit Co, we are the answer to the question help sell my business North East. We help businesses of all shapes and sizes, from one man bands to global enterprises, to sell for the best price possible. If you ever find yourself thinking, “how do I sell my business North East” we have you covered.

When you’re wondering how much your business is worth, you may be tempted to ask your accountant. The thing is, they know the numbers but they do not know the market for buying and selling businesses, and they do not know how to maximise the amount for which your business sells. We do!

We know the north east marketplace and we can also spot innovations and ideas that might mean your business is worth more than you ever imagined. You wouldn’t ask your accountant to value or sell your house, you’d ask an estate agent, so think of us as estate agent for your business!

You will sell your business only once so it’s important to do it correctly and to aim for the best selling price possible. If think “how can i sell my business North East?” and you’d like to discuss the potential of your business and how to grow it then please do get in touch. We don’t just want to sell your business, we want to get you the best price possible so get in touch today and we’ll help you make all the right choices.

Sell My Business North East

If you’ve been thinking ‘I want to sell my business North East’, then we think we’re the very best people to help you with that.

And not only can we help you to sell for the best price possible, we also have a simple 6 step process for selling your business. Some people want to be heavily involved, some only lightly, so we can help you with as much or as little of this process as you need.


When legal representatives have been instructed, The Exit Co will issue a Memorandum of Intended Sale & Purchase to all parties directly involved in the transfer.


The Seller’s solicitor will verify title, prepare the draft contract, and request the Seller complete the relevant CPSE documentation, (Commercial Property Standard Enquiries), dependent on the type of transaction i.e. Leasehold or Freehold.


The completed CPSE forms, the contract plus all other documentation supporting the transfer will be sent to the Buyer’s solicitor.

These may include, but not be limited to:

i) proof of title and/or a copy of the lease complete with any memorandums
ii) a detailed plan of the site and property
iii) an inventory of Fixtures & Fittings,
iv) a staff schedule. TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment) Regulations may apply and need to be considered,
v) an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)
The Exit Co can advise whether an EPC is required, and, if necessary, commission a suitable provider on your behalf.

There are likely to be further enquiries raised by the Buyer’s solicitors- these may attract disbursements i.e. office copy registers and plans, planning permissions or building regulations.


If the business sale includes a leasehold interest then the landlord will require references for the prospective new tenant. The Exit Co will request these on behalf of the buyer for submission to the landlord for approval.


Once the Buyer’s solicitor is satisfied with answers to enquiries, and any search results, providing the terms of the contract have been agreed, the parties will exchange contracts. Simultaneously, solicitors will be concluding the transfer of the lease where applicable. It is usual, at exchange, that a deposit is paid over to the Seller.’s solicitor. Both parties are now committed to the transfer.


The Seller’s solicitor will approve the Transfer Deed from the Buyer’s solicitor, and give undertakings regarding any mortgages. Completion will then take place when the balance of money is received.

At The Exit Co. we make the “how do i sell my business North East?” process so much simpler and we know how to achieve the best outcome for you and your business so get in touch today.

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